A couple of weeks ago I did a talk about designing & building an Internet-of-Things solution on Azure that aims at scalability & security at TechDays NL.

Unfortunately there is no silver bullet for designing IoT systems, well there is no silver bullet in general. The talk is aimed to ask the correct questions and refers to resources that helps people get started.

Missed my session? Feel free to walk through the slides!

Want more? You can watch complete talk for free on Channel9 or right over here:

If I want you to learn something from it, it would be to:

  • Think Big, Start Small
  • Start with ingestion, handle command & control later on
  • Design for high-scale while you might not need it yet
  • Build security from the ground up
  • Think about Device Management from the start
  • Know the limits and design around them

Thanks for having me at TechDays NL and for reading,

Tom Kerkhove.