Making Secrets, Certificates and Keys Easier with Sentinel for Azure Key Vault

One of my favorite services in Azure is Key Vault, of which I have written about a while back.

Since then they even added support for creating, managing and monitoring your Azure Key Vault in the Azure Portal which made it a lot easier!

Unfortunately Key Vault doesn't get the attention that it deserves for a couple of reasons of which one of them is the lack of other Azure services fully supporting it.

One example is Logic Apps that doesn't have Key Vault integration yet and using the API Connections in your custom API Apps isn't an option as well* so now I need to hardcode my secrets.
Because I don't like this an alternative would be to create a custom API App and doing the integraiton myself.

Luckaliy it's not that hard to do so go read the documentation, go through the tutorials or use my boiler plate as a starting point!

Introducing Sentinel for Azure Key Vault

With Sentinel you can easily integrate with your Azure Key Vault by simply configuring your vault and Azure AD Application whereafter you can easily retrieve a secret in you WebAPI. But this is only the start - I will gradually add more features like encryption, decryption, etc. for other hosting platforms like Azure Cloud Services and other authentication mechanisms as well.

The library is pretty small & silly but this actually gets you up to speed fast so you can focus on your logic and only need to create a new Azure AD Application and give it permissions on your Key Vault.

You can find it Sentinel GitHub or on NuGet.
Have a question or an issue? Feel free to log it!

Thanks for reading,

Tom Kerkhove.