Talking about Azure Application Monitoring on .NET Rocks!

Recently I was a guest on .NET Rocks to talk about Application Monitoring on Microsoft Azure but we started off by talking about another challenging task in Azure - Keeping track of what resources are depending on each other and how they map to your application architecture.

Unfortunately there is no global Dependency Map that indicates what resources are depending on others ie. a Storage Account that is configured to be used for storing threat detection data for your SQL databases.

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After that we shifted gears to the main topic of the day - Azure Application Monitoring going from what problems occure, which services Azure offers that can help us and how we should approach them. We ended with a couple of recommendations to take into account when building telemetry pipelines in new and/or existing projects.

In a future post I will dive deeper in those topics and walk you through the topics and how I envision it.

Eager to learn more about it already? Feel free to listen to .NET Rocks #1401 and leave a comment at the bottom.

Thanks for reading,

Tom Kerkhove.