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Speaking at NDC Sydney 2017 on Azure Data Lake

Are you going to NDC Sydney August 14th - 18th 2017? So will I!

I have the honor to do a talk on Azure Data Lake & Analtics called "Analyzing StackExchange data with Azure Data Lake".

NDC Sydney

By using a data dump of the well-known StackExchange websites, I will show you how to store & analyse 150+ GB of data with Azure Data Lake Store & Analytics to gain some insights about their users.

After that we will use Power BI to give an at-a-glance overview of our learnings.

If you are a developer that is interested in big data, this is your time to shine! We will use our existing SQL & C# skills to analyse everything without having to worry about running clusters.

You can find more information about my talk here.

See you there!

Thanks for reading,


Tom Kerkhove

Tom Kerkhove

Tom Kerkhove works for Codit as an Azure Consultant, is a member of the AZUG crew and has been a Microsoft MVP & Azure Advisor since 2014. He turns coffee into scalable & secure cloud systems.

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Speaking at NDC Sydney 2017 on Azure Data Lake
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