In September I've announced Azure Deprecation Notices which is a convenient way to to stay up-to-date on all Azure deprecations and how to prepare for them, fully automated by using Azure Serverless!

As part of Azure Deprecation Notices we provide different flavors of querying the deprecation notices such as filtering by impact, service, deprecation year and more; but we were lacking a general overview of the general timeline for all deprecations and optionally filtered for a single Azure service.

Today I'm happy to announce Deprecation Notice Timeline, providing a full overview of all the deprecations and how to prepare best!

Deprecation Notice Timeline is a GitHub Project which lists all notices per year which allows you to better plan migrations.

Are you heavily depending on an Azure service? We highly recommend to use the filters to narrow down the deprecation notices.

Here's an example of all Azure AD deprecations over the next coming years, by using the label:services:active-directory filter:

With this addition, we hope to surface more information on your dependencies and make it actionable to have smooth transitions.

Thanks for reading,